Project Ideas

Created Wednesday 19 July 2023

Hey folks, for those of you unsure on what sort of project you'd like to look into.

Notes on AI

Temperature (or other) conversion?

These are probably the easiest because they require no storage whatsoever. Essentially they are simple text transforms. It should be obvious that simply repeating the homework assignment is not enough, but consider modifying it to be more complex. Turn it into a form, consider other things to convert, etc.

Again, as I demonstrated, AI services can *very easily* generate the basics for this, so be sure to be able to detail your "value-add"


Here is the code for the notepad I demoed in class. It should work out of the box, and also doesn't do too much that's very interesting. Consider making this better, perhaps a way to look at your notes?

Home:Miscellany:5367-det:Simple PHP Notepad

RSS Feeds

Again, I'm always a sucker for RSS feed readers, and as social media gets weirder and weirder, it seems like this might be a fruitful place to look.

Idea 1: Just start with AI?

One option is to try what I did in class. Ask e.g. ChatGPT to pump out some starter code, and see what you can do with it. We did see that it had some limitations, most notably that it couldn't handle "Atom" feeds well.

Idea 2: Start with a library

Libraries solve the above problem:

You can use these in conjunction with ChatGPT

Idea 3: Start with my code (which requires a library)

Here are a couple of iterations of my thing. Note that in the beginning, there are some different ways to load the libraries employed, namely usually either a simple downloading of "simplepie" above. If you see something like "autoload" that means I used "composer" which is not strictly necessary.

Home:Miscellany:5367-det:MahRSS - the RSS reader

Just, I don't know, play around?

Seriously. The beauty of where we are today is that the AI services are very young and still EXTREMELY powerful. Just try either "Write PHP code, or write Javascript code to..." and just USE YOUR IMAGINATION and see what happens. The real only hard part here is understanding how to get it to the server, etc.

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