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Created Tuesday 04 May 2021

Week 11 - Project Work

No new readings

Week 10 - Intro to Javascript

Skim the following:
Javascript Resources

Week 9 - PHP Tools and Examples

MahRSS Information
DB Cronut git repo:

Week 8 - Advanced PHP/Mysql overview

Week 7 - PHP continued and a little Git

Review last week and
Git Resources:

Week 6 - Intro to PHP
Excellent explanation of the WHY

Additional Resources

Week 5 - HTML/CSS Review

Good things to remember

Week 4 - Bash and Shell Review

Bash on Data

Week 3 - Text Editors and Tools


(Honestly, "emacs" the text editor is hard to recommend - but emacs + org-mode is *really interesting* and worth looking into and learning from, even if, like me, you don't land on it in the final analysis)

I'm looking at some of the others, VS Code, et al.

Week 2 - Intro to Programming

A clever thing on CODE in general. Huge, but I've found it to be worth it.

Skim the following, so we can jump in:
Web Design

Week 1 - Introductions


Class 1 Notes
+Class 2 Notes
Our first assignment - +PHP Assignment 1 - The Temperature Assignment

Class 3

Review of PHP- PHP Resources here:

Class 4

Git Resources:

Class 5

Digging into "MahRSS"

Here is the link to the repo for mahrss if you'd like to try it out:

To get started yourself, you'd need to first

composer install
should do it.

Next, the goal is to get some kind of login system working. Below is the starter, json-based code I was working with:

Class 7

Information to mount your itpro filesystem remotely. Includes Windows instructions as well:

Gitlab repo for the Mahrss mysql bit I did in class -
(Remember, if you'd like to just import the table like I did in class, it's just
mysql -p < tablecreate.sql

Javascript stuff I did in class: (Not doing a full on repo, you can simply view source: