Notes on AI

Created Thursday 25 May 2023

The extremely recent advances in so-called AI tools may perhaps represent the biggest shift in programming since its inception.

Everything has changed. None of this is ever going to be the same again, and here we are at the beginning of it. This should be fun.

What I'm *not* going to do is pretend they don't exist. Just the opposite. None of the following are required (I don't believe in forcing people to sign up for things) but I'm trying all of these things out and maybe you'd like to as well. Consider creating alternate Google/Microsoft/etc accounts for these.

Along with ChatGPT, there are others--

The easiest, phind, which requires no signup -

Google Gemini

Anthropic's Claude

Am I missing any?

Either way, nothing is officially due for the first day of class. See you then.

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