Web Environment Setup Notes

Created Wednesday 29 May 2024

AKA, ways to do stuff with PHP. Offhand, I can think of a lot.

Remote Web Server, e.g. Torch all the time

Remember, eventually we'll want to have your stuff on Torch. Thus, one way would be to

Develop locally

then upload to Torch every time

This would be REALLY clunky with something like Filezilla; less so with perhaps a shell script. Somewhat out of scope for this class, but covered in 5364


You could also concievably just SSH in and do your work directly on the server? Please be careful and think about backups? maybe don't do this

Online 3rd Party "tester"

Of course, I kind of hate this in my gut, but it is REALLY easy. You can type your code and execute it in the browser. No guarantees of anything, but convenient


Local Server

This is very robust. A web server/php server isn't particularly heavy to run locally. We cover this big time in 5364, but some options:

Just "PHP"

Actually, we didn't cover this, but it's now possible to simply install PHP as a "program," and it ships with its own minimal web server, as well as an Interactive Mode.
On linux, do e.g.
sudo apt install php

Full Server

Definitely covered this; you could either use something like "TaskSel," to install a *AMP (WAMP, MAMP etc) but I strongly recommend Docker for this instead. Probably the MOST robust option, since you're using the big time software as well.

Tech Guides:On Docker

Backlinks: FSU Courses:LIS5367