Week 11 Notes

Created Tuesday 21 July 2020

Kyllo vs US - Marijuana Growing operation / Heat Lamps
Reasonable Expectation of Privacy

Katz vs US - Wiretap
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Week 1 Class Notes

LIS-5411 - Information Policy

Welcome to the course! If you can read this, you're in the right place.
Be sure NOT to leave the classroom until the professor has indicated it is okay to do so.


The Lambchop Machine

Information's role in "Capitalism," either as input or output.
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Week 2 Class Notes

Created Tuesday 19 May 2020

From economics to law -

Specialized Language - 3 types:

— next up, "Intellectual" "Property"

Week 3 Notes

Created Tuesday 26 May 2020


- from singular (MINE)
- to multiple (STICKS)
..and back? — EXCLUSION!

Three types

IP Clause/Copyright Clause
To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.

Basic types of IP

Trade Secret*


Week 4 Notes


- must be a secret
- economic advantage
- potentially perpetual
- corporate right of privacy


Mostly not too controversial except
● Unfairly scoped and/or wielded (e.g. Sam Bucks Coffee?)
● Weirdly Deceptive? (Famous Amos Cookies?)
● And wait – what is FSU doing?


Must be:
● Novel (new)
● Non-obvious
● Useful

Not patentable theoretically - Naturally occuring things like – plants and algorithms.
- man made living things
- not the "thing" but the process....

Reverse Engineering?
Patent don't care.
This is why a lot of people oppose them CATEGORICALLY.
First to invent
First to FILE

Software Patents / Patent Trolls

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Week 5 Notes

Created Tuesday 09 June 2020


●Automatic (Berne Convention)

but, must be registered to sue
● “Expression of an idea”
● Not infinite, but almost-- (70+life)

Fair Use (is a defense, not a right)

– Purpose/Character (of the new work)
– Nature of copied work
– Amount of copied work
– (NEGATIVE) Effect on “value”

- (the 5th mystery test, — is it "icky?")

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Week 6 Notes

Created Tuesday 16 June 2020

Compulsory Licensing

Orphan Works

Richard Stallman
GNU - Gnu's Not Unix

Linus Torvalds
LINUX - Linux Is Not UniX

EULA (End User License Agreement)
- One person, one computer, one use, that's about it.
(no copying, no taking part, no decompiling etc)

GPL ( General Public License)

The Linksys thing - GPL Violation. WRT54G

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Week 7 Notes

Created Tuesday 23 June 2020

Invisible Barbecue:

FCC - Telephone
FCC- Radio/Television: Scarcity -> Censorship

3 big things about the internet:

  1. Packet Switched
  2. Digitization
  3. PUBLICLY FUNDED "utility"

Telephones: Circuit Switched Network (Smart)
Internet: Packet Switched Network (Dumb)

(illustration of 1 and 2)
"Here, send this packet to someone closer to the destination than you, also I'm going to send more than I need just in case someone's stupid"

  1. C D B (1 of 4)
  2. A E E (2 of 4) etc...
  3. F A E
  4. E D F

encrypted? Cafe Dead Beef.... (groan)

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Week 8 notes

Created Tuesday 30 June 2020

Privacy - 3 parts

  1. Secrecy (todays' topic)
  2. Anonymity (next week)
  3. A belief in the first two


A sends message to B without C eavesdropping (C your way out?)

Cipher - "system"
Ciphertext - "gibberish"
Cleartext - "the message"


Encryption- better? It's not "you can't find the message" - it's "yeah, you have a copy but you STILL can't read it. So THERE!"

(private key) (public key)
[huge prime 1 x huge prime 2] = [superhuge composite]
easy ----------->
<---------------------nearly impossibly hard

"The bookstore method" - "One-time pad"

...but what if you CANT meet?

Phil Zimmerman "Pretty Good Privacy" or PGP

Phil went to jail (for a very short time)
...so why was he QUICKLY freed?

It's the other thing you can do with these keys - a weird reverse:
Instead of -
Locking with PUBLIC, unlocking with PRIVATE. (secret messages)

Locked with PRIVATE, unlocked with PUBLIC. (only I could have locked it — and therefore this is authentication)


how to store passwords without storing passwords:
Remember — encryption yields "gibberish" --- UNIQUE

Like encryption, except:

  1. The "gibberish" is short
  2. You CANT decrypt it (ideally)
password = $MRNFIEFIJ@ifnjdfieuc92
MuchB3tterpasswordTAC0S = $KNFWIHIH$F


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Week 9 Notes

How did Frederick Douglass figure out he was a slave?

Privacy - 3 parts

  1. Secrecy (last weeks' topic)
  2. Anonymity (this week)
  3. A belief in the first two


(Is that like a VPN?)
Virtual Private Network?

(only as "good" as the third-party)

TOR - The Onion Router