Tentative Future Readings

Created Tuesday 21 January 2020

For your benefit, I am posting here the TENTATIVE future readings for this class (which, ironically, are last semesters' readings).

Over the break, I wrote some software tools to integrate with my website to ensure that links and bookmarks are permanent; future links will look different; so after NOW there will be no dead links. Still have not quite updated everything.

Please note, while I do not anticipate that these will change drastically as they become "official" - they may change pending class progression and future events. Additionally, there may be dead links. Again, you are under no obligation to read these early, but I provide them for the benefit of those who like to get ahead:

Week 14 - In the News and Wrapping Up





Week 13 - Hope


And, not mandatory, but a good start:
Probably start here and rewind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJCczbSF-B8#t=28m26s
and then:

Week 12 - Legal Privacy + Modern Issues


Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have 'Nothing to Hide' - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Opinion | We Read 150 Privacy Policies. They Were an Incomprehensible Disaster. - The New York Times
Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web - Neustadt.fr
Right to Privacy: Constitutional Rights & Privacy Laws | Live Science
The Right of Privacy: Is it Protected by the Constitution?
Privacy Paper
Taibbi on Facebook: Can We Be Saved From the Social Media Giant? - Rolling Stone
Obfuscation: how leaving a trail of confusion can beat online surveillance | Data protection | The Guardian
Snowden warns new surveillance measures will outlast the coronavirus
European Commission

Week 11 - Social Media

./LIS5411-Social Media.pdf

Social Media Is a Denial-of-Service Attack on Your Mind
Death of the private self: how fifteen years of Facebook changed the human condition | Facebook | The Guardian
Taibbi on Facebook: Can We Be Saved From the Social Media Giant? - Rolling Stone
As Buyers Circle, Could Twitter Be Better Off As A Nonprofit? : All Tech Considered : NPR
Facebook fake-news writer - I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me
Battling coronavirus misinformation in the age of social media | Coronavirus | The Guardian
For Rogue Twitter, You Need Burner Phone, Anonymous Email
Why RSS Still Beats Facebook and Twitter for Tracking News
RSS Is Better Than Twitter
Parler CEO wants liberal to join the pro-Trump crowd on the app
'Weaponized' Facebook fails to protect civil rights, audit says


Week 10 - Social Surplus

./LIS5411-Social Surplus.pdf

Weath of Networks - Chapter 1
Playing With Toys While People are Dying | by Paul Kilduff-Taylor | Medium
Online communities are the best thing about the Internet - Biznology

How the Internet Is Saving Culture, Not Killing It - The New York Times
Teens Arent Partying Anymore
Cognitive Surplus - a more moral choice


Week 9 - Privacy Continued - Anonymity

What Is Tor and Why Should I Use It?
This is what a Tor Supporter looks like: Laura Poitras | Tor Blog
No guarantees here, for information only: https://uglyduck.ca/blog-anonymously/

Why Pseudonymity Is Such an Important Concept | by Mark Suster | Both Sides of the Table
Facebook's Randi Zuckerberg: Anonymity Online 'Has To Go Away' | HuffPost

Estonians get to vote online
Watch how quick it is to vote in the most advanced democracy on earth, Estonia | VentureBeat

El Paquete Semanal - Wikipedia
The Plot to Free North Korea With Smuggled Episodes of 'Friends' | WIRED

Obfuscation: how leaving a trail of confusion can beat online surveillance | Data protection | The Guardian

The Right to Read

Week 8 - Intro to Privacy - Encryption

./LIS5411 - Privacy and Milkshakes.pdf

The tech
How internet encryption works | Data protection | The Guardian
Public key cryptography - Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (full version) - YouTube
TrueCrypt audit shows no sign of NSA backdoors, just some minor glitches | PCWorld
3 Alternatives to the Now-Defunct TrueCrypt for Your Encryption Needs
Why cant Apple Decrypt your iphone
What Are MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 Hashes, and How Do I Check Them?
What is Cryptographic Hashing? MD5, SHA, and More

The Law
Right to Privacy: Constitutional Rights & Privacy Laws | Live Science
The Right of Privacy: Is it Protected by the Constitution?

Week 7 - Internet Regulation


The History of the Internet in a Nutshell
The Internet: Computer Network Hierarchy | HowStuffWorks

How big telecom smothers city run broadband
A decentralized web would give power back to the people online
Rural America Is Building Its Own Internet Because No One Else Will

Nationalize the Internet: Why the Fight for Net Neutrality Is Just the Start
Ending net neutrality will end Internet as we know it: Wozniak Copps

The coronavirus crisis proves internet should be a public utility

- (new)

Week 6 - Telecommunications Regulation

Federal Communications Commission
A short history of the telephone industry and regulation
The Invisible Barbecue

Week 5 - Modern Issues in IP

(Lots of new material this week. My hope is to finish up IP and assign the first paper this week; thus the following are more of a "menu" for possible paper ideas rather than "fundamentals;" i.e. if any individual topic here is not resonating, feel free to simply skim and move on.)

Cory Doctorow: IP


Banksy loses battle with greetings card firm over 'flower bomber' trademark - BBC News





Alternate Modes
Orphan Works


Week 4 - Trademark, Copyright and Patent

See Trademark, Patent Law, Copyright, and "Rethinking Things" Below:

Measuring Fair Use: The Four Factors - Copyright Overview by Rich Stim - Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center
When Does "Fair Use" Become Unfair?

Week 3 - Freely available information


Note: Next week, we will mostly cover just the basics — and most likely only Trade Secret and Trademark. Feel free to get ahead, however.

The Basics:
The Four Types of Intellectual Property Protection - GameAcademy.com

Iron Man's Suit Isn't Patented, It's A Trade Secret (Seriously) | Litigation & Trial

Trademark law | Modern Wiki | Fandom

Patent Law: Everything You Need to Know

Copyright Basics

Rethinking things:

Intellectual? Property?
Did You Say Intellectual Property? Its a Seductive Mirage
Property Rights and Intellectual Property

Heavy ideas: Compare Anarchism Triumphant with Enforcing Copyright

Week 2 - Law and the 'Net

(ha, looks like the same thing happened last year)

From week 1, please review "Intro to Info Policy" and everything below "On Law"


Week 1 - Intro to Info Policy

Skim the following, these will not be officially due until week 2

Intro to Info Policy

The Econ I'm (not) talking about
How economics became a religion

On Econ
Wealth of Networks - Benkler
The Attention Economy and the Net

On Law
Transcendental Nonsense
The Law of the Horse

Basic Civics

Tentative Future Readings (these may change)

+An Older Set
An even older set