Created Tuesday 13 October 2020

Our Mission:

We believe no one should go unarmed.

That’s why we are dedicated to providing quality prosthetics to our veterans. They’ve proudly served their country so now it is our turn to serve them.

Company Policy:

Attendance Expectations

Due to the current conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic we as a company will try to be understanding and will put worker safety first above all else. With that being said, workers who have medical conditions or who feel unsafe in their current worker environment can opt to work remote from their home with the use of approved video call programs such as: zoom, discord, and skype. If these do not meet your preferences an employee can propose a different program and will be looked into as another option for our remote workers. Workers who are okay with working in person can find that our operating hours have changed to reflect the current times. Monday to Friday the hours have changed to 9am-5pm and a short shift has been deployed on Saturdays 12pm-4pm. Workers who attend physically are expected to be “armed” with the appropriate masks and gloves to keep each other safe and healthy.

Dress Code

We’ve established attire guidelines to match our mission and mentality. There’s no need to dress formally, but we do ask that you do your part to maintain an environment of professionalism with your clothing. Business casual is the requested standard for office appearance. For our remote workers pajamas are an acceptable outfit choice, but for video conferencing calls we do have to put our foot down and request that you abide by the office expectations. We celebrate “Freedom Fridays”. Each Friday our team members are allowed and encouraged to wear casual clothing such as jeans and t-shirts.

We value personal expression and the presentation of a leg-itimate self. Your hair color and piercing preferences are at your own discretion. Tattoos are permitted unless they are obscene, racist, or sexist in nature. Ensure that your choices do not prohibit your ability to complete your assigned tasks.


Your safety is our priority. For this reason we are a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free workplace. Any team member found with these restricted items or substances may be subject to dismissal from their position and removal from the property at the discretion of the team leader.

COVID-19 is a new threat that we are rapidly adjusting to. We require all employees to “arm” themselves with a mask. Upon arrival to work, we will require a temperature check conducted by the team leader to ensure you are not exhibiting COVID symptoms. We encourage social distancing and have distanced workstations six feet apart. The communal break room is no longer available for dining and breaks to discourage congregation.

If you have any pre-existing health conditions that make you particularly susceptible to COVID-19, are not comfortable working in person, or exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 please work remotely. We have moved our communications and file sharing to be accessible remotely in order to ensure a safe work environment.

When using the 3d printers please abide by the following rules in order to avoid injury to person and property.

When printing, please adjust the temperature to the material you are printing with.
Do not touch the hot parts of the machine.
Ensure the machine is well ventilated.
Do not touch the moving parts of the machine. These include belts, screws, rails, and fans.
Keep loose hair and clothing items away from the moving or hot parts of the machine.

Together we can provide service without placing ourselves in any unnecessary risk.

Behavior/Code of Conduct

Employees are expected to be respectful and courteous to one another and absolutely, no discrimination is tolerated in the workplace this includes: sexual, ethnic, and racial discrimination. Armament is also a tobacco free workplace and no smoking is allowed on the premises. Finished prosthetics are to be placed in storage if not being sent out the same day and each prosthetic is to be logged in our database when placed and taken from storage. Now we know our employees may be up in arms about this policy but roughhousing or playing with the prosthetics is strictly prohibited, these parts cost an arm and a leg so caution must be taken. Employees are also expected to perform as a team and lend a helping hand to their fellow employees where they can. We also encourage our employees when working on custom prosthetics to be as creative as possible to make each prosthetic feel specially crafted for the user.

Asset Use

At Armement, we pride ourselves on giving our employees access to the best tools to complete their tasks, giving us a leg up on our competitors. All employees are allocated a user account on both Slack and G-Suite for communication and workflow needs. If any deviations of these programs is desired by the whole of a project team, alterations can be made at the discretion of project managers and management. Any work done is expected to be done through company computers using company servers; both for security reasons and so your time off can actually be time off!

For our design teams, we have provided you with access to the full Solidworks and AutoCAD suites for both 3D Design and 2D design needs. We have found these to be the most stable and user friendly programs for our needs after various testing stages with members of our initial design team. Employees will also have access to the Armament Solidworks past works database, allowing to see previous designs and edit timelines for any kind of prosthetic created by the company in the past, all hosted on a local server. This helps all of our company members use their work time in a more efficient manner to create the best products human hands can produce.

Organization Culture

As an organization that directly supports veterans, we strive for a culture that is accommodating to all of our employees and flows into our clientele. In addition to offering services to veterans, partnering with Veterans Affairs helps us in hiring out of work veterans both with previous work experience in design and manufacturing, but also in all aspects of the organization and teaching them the skills they need to succeed both within the job at Armaments and any future endeavors. We seek to empower veterans, and offer above and beyond accessibility for employees and potential customers on our office sites. A culture of improvement and growth for not only our products, but for the people making them, is what separates Armament from the competition, and we hand off our benefits to those who have sacrificed their bodies for a cause bigger than themselves.

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