TENTATIVE Final Project Rubric

Here are the final requirements for turning in your final project. Remember, while successful projects are appreciated, so are valiant efforts that didn't turn out quite as planned; be sure to pay special attention to documenting your journey if you believe yourself to be mostly in the latter category.

0. The "Proposal" (not part of the final)

Please give me ANY idea of what you're pointed toward in terms of a project. Read the below to get an idea of what you may want to work on, but at this stage I'm more interested in dialoguing with you in terms of what you might want to do if you're undecided or unsure. Scope —ie. what will do and what you WONT do is probably a big issue here, especially for those less familiar.

This assignment is easy. Just tell me what you're thinking, and we can dialogue. No major specific requirements for this one at all, but the more information you give me, the better.

I. The Write up

Note, as an explicit exception to many plagiarism rules, you are 100% absolutely freely allowed to copy-and-paste whatever you want from what you've written in your previous assignments or proposals in this class (or perhaps others) for this assignment, for the purpose of telling me what you did.

As with the proposals, you have some freedom with how you do the write up, but all of the following MUST be addressed.

2 to 4 pages should work here.

II. The Code

You may use any code you find (presuming legal access). You'll need to provide me access to your code as well as any other code you used; along with a CLEAR indication of what you wrote/did vs. what was written by someone else. Additionally, indicate if any AI tools were used. If there is a great deal of "intermixing" here, a decent way to accomplish this is to simply provide both your code and the code you used so I may compare.

Access: I'll need one or more of the following:

III. The "Demo"

This is where I get to see your code "in action," if possible.



Using ChatGPT, Bard, Copilot, or e.g. phind.com, take a crack at using an AI coding tool to do something related to your project.

One option is to actually feed your code into one of these tools and give it an explicit instruction to modify or enhance something. Another, if you'd rather not feed the machine, which I understand, is to simply try to state what your code SHOULD do in a prompt and see how it fares.



Failure here is ABSOLUTELY an option. Interesting efforts that fail here are welcome, and can perhaps give us some insight into this wild world we're about to enter. That being said, if you end up including your modification in your final code let me know!

If any of the above is unclear or (through my fault or yours?) or difficult or questionable to execute as presented, it is your responsibility to contact me before the deadline for clarification. Good luck and I very much look forward to checking out everyone's work!

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