Interactive Resume Rubric

Created Monday 02 July 2018

You will begin work on your final Interactive Resume. As we've thoroughly discussed, the "Interactive Resume" will be a web-enabled exploratory showcase of your skills, abilities, plans, ideas, and/or any other content that showcases you as a professional. It can serve as a technology-oriented supplement to any career-seeking tools you may be using; it also might just be a nice way to show off to whomever what it is you can do.

The Basics:

Useful Information

Broadly, this should reflect the best of both worlds of your Master CV and your Resume — namely

Here, you can begin to think about choices of formatting — strongly consider how you can include "just about everything" while allowing the user to skip what she chooses. This is an important UX design choice.


If appropriate (and useful to you) provide examples of work you've done, and/or links to possible connections, organization, examples, etc.

Your deliverable should be a WORKING web link. Good Luck!

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