Weekly Schedule

Created Monday 21 May 2018

This schedule is tentative

Mon May 14  	Introductions
Wed May 16  	Lecture - Effective Communication I

Mon May 21   	Lecture - Effective Communication II - "Classic" Communication Skills
Wed May 23	Writing Styles  - Intro to "Master CV" Assignment 

Mon May 28	MEMORIAL DAY		 
Wed May 30	Intro to Resume / Cover Letter Assignment	

Mon Jun  4	Lecture - Rhetoric  				Master CV First Draft Due
Wed Jun  6	Workshop -  Writing		 

Mon Jun 11	Lecture/Workshop - Resume/Cover Letter		Resume / Cover Letter Proposal Due
Wed Jun 13	What is an Interactive Resume? + Intro to Tech Exploration	

Mon Jun 18	Web Hosting and Digital Autonomy		Resume / Cover Letter Draft Due BEFORE CLASS
Wed Jun 20    	Hands-on Web Hosting and Wordpress 

Mon Jun 25	Lecture - Digital Portfolios and Interviews
Wed Jun 27	The "Job Hunt" 	    				

Mon Jul  2	Intro to IT Management				
Wed Jul  4	No class

Mon Jul  9	Interviews and such			IR Proposal / IR Tech Exploration (Drafts) Due.
Wed Jul 11							

Mon Jul 16 	IT Management
Wed Jul 18	IP for IT					

Mon Jul 23	Last chance for everything
Wed Jul 25  	Looking Forward						Final revisions to everything (Including IR) Due

Mon Jul 30	Ideas or Peer Evaluations ?
Wed Aug  1	Wrap-Up 

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