Master CV Resources

Created Friday 01 June 2018

Here are links to some of the resources I mentioned in class, for developing a text-only, or mostly text CV.

Markdown is the name of the standard (similar to HTML), not the name of a particular program. Here's a good markdown cheatsheet.

You can use any text editor for markdown, but here are some that let you see what you're doing in real-time, if that helps:
Markdown Editors

That being said, I will always and forever recommend Zim for everything; its syntax is very similar to Markdown and Zim converts to pure markdown as well.

I didn't get to this in class, but (especially if you've done a good deal of database work) you've probably intuited that "resumes" are precisely the sort of thing that would really benefit from a very structured approach, i.e. one where you can just enter all the raw data once, and then let the machine spit out a million different resume styles. Here is some work in that direction.

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