Resume and Cover Letter

Created Wednesday 30 May 2018

You will begin work on a sample resume and cover letter; SPECIFICALLY tailored for a particular job offering.

Part I - The Proposal (Due June 11)

The first step, then, is to have a job offering to apply to, either in real life or simply for the purposes of this exercise, so:

For this portion, simply provide the job posting as text or as a link (be sure the link works)

Part II - The Resume and Cover Letter (Due June 18)

The Resume

Please provide to me a finished copy of a resume, tailored from your Master CV, that both

The Cover Letter

Please provide a cover letter specifically used to complement the resume.

These should be stylistically similar (e.g. use the same font, etc.) and, as with any other time you send a formal document like this unless specifically asked otherwise — provide a PDF. These are cross compatible with everything, will always print precisely the same way, are more difficult to tamper with, and will not visually screw-up randomly as many other formats are known to do.

Specific examples and templates ABOUND on the web. Here's a good one. Simply follow one of these.


Again, we will go with rough "Specifications" style grading here:

C - You provide a resume and cover letter, as PDFs. The resume contains basic, minimal information about your work, school, and experience. The cover letter contains a basic statement providing your putative "employer" information about yourself.

In other words, if you already got the job, you probably won't get your offer rescinded. But if you're actively competing with others, the employer is likely to find other entries better than yours.

B - The above, plus. Formatting is consistent, there are minimal visual and typographic errors. On the resume, you've included clearly defined and substantial work and school experiences that are readily understood by the reader. You've included specific responsibilities and not merely a listing of jobs.

The cover letter is solidly written with minimal grammatical and/or typographic errors. You provide an adequate letter to the putative employer indicating as to why you are suited to the job.

In other words: If you already got the job, your offer definitely won't get rescinded. If you're actively competing, you're definitely in the running to get the job, but you're definitely NOT a sure-shot, either.

A - The above, plus: Formatting is perfectly consistent, there are no (or extremely minimal) visual and typographic errors.

On the resume, you've concisely and adequately detailed your work and school experiences, tailoring them well to the job when necessary. The responsibilities you've provided give a clear indication that you're a natural fit for the work.

Your cover letter is extremely well-written — not only does it have minimal typographic and grammatical errors, it provides a strong and compelling case why you should be hired over anyone else.

In other words: Man, if you don't get this job..something's wrong with THEM! ☺

Both of these may be turned in via the "Resume and Cover Letter" assignment link in Canvas. Please let us know if you have any issues.

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