Master Curriculum Vitae

Begin work on a "Master CV" from which you'll be able to craft custom resumes and cover letters for future job applications — both for a future assignment and for real life.

In this, you should include everything that might remotely be useful as evidence of skill in any future endeavor.

I will use the phrase "almost-complete" sentences below; this refers to past-tense sentences that omit the I, because it's always going to be I (unless it's we), e.g.
-"Reviewed and monitored company email"
-"Led social media management team"

This includes, but is absolutely not limited to:

School Experience:

For college and later, provide, to the best of your ability, including dates where useful/appropriate:

You *may* include high school or equivalent experience as well, if outstanding and/or relevant. For now, if in doubt, put it in.
"Narratives" are a bit more important below in "Work Experience," but if they are appropriate here, put them in.

Work / Service / Leadership experience:

Include all instances of paid and unpaid work (e.g. volunteer work, organizations, military experience) Describe each work experience in detail, by doing the following for each.

Samples / Portfolio Content

For now, I don't need the links; but name AND DESCRIBE any noteworthy work samples you’ve produced that demonstrate any work ability.

Please provide the above in REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL order, which is usually the order of importance.

Pay close attention here: You will turn in your Master CV to me, as one file, in either PLAINTEXT or MARKDOWN or RAW "ZIM" text. Either way, I should be able to open it in NOTEPAD, etc. and it should look fine. This means DO NOT turn it in as a docx, or odt, or pdf, etc. Not even html.

If you have composed this in a tool like Microsoft Word, check to ensure you don't have any odd newline or special character issues.

GRADING: Roughly...

A C grade will be awarded to submissions that contain all the basic information as required above.

A B grade will be awarded to submissions that meet C grade requirements, and that include clear, legible, understandable "Experience" and "Narrative" sections.

An A will be awarded to submissions that meet B grade requirements, and that include well-written, impressive "Experience" and "Narrative" sections that both carry the proper denotation (accurate information) and connotation (they appear to come from a professional source.)

REMEMBER — you will have at least one opportunity to revise your work to move your grade upward.

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