Internet Regulation

Created Wednesday 24 February 2021

Internet And Text

The Internet

Smart Network (circuit switching)

Dumb Network (packet switching)

Our L'il Internet

RULE 1 - Pass this note to the person in the back

RULE 2 - If you can't, then pass it to someone
who is closer to them than you are.

Our L'il Internet

C D B (1/4)

Our L'il Internet

A E E (2/4)

Our L'il Internet

F A E (3/4)

Our L'il Internet

E D F (4/4)

What was sent?

A huge number
(technically, this is DEFINITELY a right answer)

What was sent?



What was sent?

MAC Address?
Perhaps a computer was identifying itself.


What was sent?

Perhaps, a lovely color scheme...

What was sent?


What was sent?

Something else?


What was sent?

Wait - maybe encrypted?



C		A		F		E
D		E		A		D
B		E		E		F

Obviously, a restaurant recommendation. (Or not.)

Cafe Dead Beef

So, we have...

DIGITIZATION (literally, turning any "data" into a number)


PACKET SWITCHING (peer to peer node based network)


Why didn't the American Telegraph and Telephone company invent the Internet?

(somewhat controversial) thoughts on invention

The public sector (schools, defense, NASA, government) etc. is as inventive and as innovative as private companies..., probably more.

(the internet, GPS, touchscreens, digital photography, water filters, invisible braces etc.)

Diversity of layers (OSI)

Application (HTTP, telnet, etc)
Presentation (framework MIME)
Session (pipe,SOCKS)
Transport (reliable packet delivery, TCP)
Network (nodes and address, IP)
Data (PPP)
Physical (wires, radio, USB)

Diversity of transmission media:

- telephone lines (modem/DSL)
- tv cable
- wireless (802.11)
- satellites
- radio
- lasers (pointless, but true)
- fiber

Diversity of protocols

- telnet
- gopher
- usenet
- email
- irc
- html/www

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