Created Monday 13 September 2021


Any layer between "the bare metal machine" and "what you see on the web"

(this is a BROAD category)

(flypaper is not a bad analogy here)

Things to think about re: Platforms

Distinguish between those generally open/free .. e.g.

Apache, Wordpress, Wikipedia
(there REALLY aren't many of these)

Things to think about re: Platforms

..and not. (this can definitely be a spectrum)
Nearly always those with a for-profit business model:

facebook, docker, wix, twitter, canva, canvas, blackboard,
adobe, microsoft, react, d3, apple, amazon, netflix etc etc etc

Things to think about re: Platforms

Two ways to analyze the businesses:

Specifically, what will they prevent you from having access to?
What are you not allowed to have if you don't pay them?

vs "what they actually do?"
(e.g. Netflix is VERY DIFFERENT from Facebook)

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