Created Monday 17 April 2023

Where is tech going from here?

Web Publishing

Does this get more fragmented?

I'm not seeing centralization;

perhaps e.g. Wordpress comes back

Web Publishing

The tech:

Basic Web Stack, LAMP
More "managed" services

Web As OS

More applications to the web
Same tech as above?
Fewer "apps?" (I think so, actually)


"Bear" Market now, but

IMHO, probably still a big deal.

There will likely be another upswing;
and perhaps a more mature thing happens

(I have opinions and money in this, not sure if you want either?)


It's still a HUGE mess.

Can't understate this.

Social Media?

I think we're in for a reckoning here.

I *hope* Mastodon and the Fediverse is part of it.


For sure.

What's interesting is that it's WILDLY FRAGMENTED now.


Techwise, if so?

Python may absolutely gobble Javascripts lunch.

see e.g. Jupyter Notebooks.

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