Networking and the Shell


Talking to a computer online; typing

(in the clear)

SSH - Secure SHell

Basically "telnet," but Encrypted (Keys, Passwords, or both)
Now, the de facto standard, and applies to a lot of ideas (but mostly 2 and a half)


Standard way to connect from one computer to another


-p Port
- X (X forwarding?)
-L tunnel creation

Tunnel What?

Anything that can go through the net;


Just like CP, but remote.

scp /home/username/remotefolder

Many Linux file managers have this built in


You can set it to work WITHOUT PASSWORDS;

and it's SAFER.


(This is all about public and private keys) a detour

Hey, this sounds like a VPN?

<deep breath> yes. The phrase lately means two related, but often different things:

1) Virtual Private Network.
Just as it sounds. Imagine a set of networked computers, but spread out across the internet. Traffic is encrypted and tunneled so it’s as if all the computers are together in an enclosed place....


They could all access the net independently – or you could FORCE all traffic through a central location, for reasons. monitoring – or

2) to OBSCURE the source for anonymity.
This is usually what is meant by that service you buy. Really, they should just call these what they are: “proxies”

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