Linux and Pis and Homeservices Oh My

Created Wednesday 02 February 2022

Hey folks, this is an attempt to round up information and inspiration for Linux/Pi/Home Service related projects for my classes.

Things I literally do or have used
(See also - which I haven't used yet, but am looking into. - Probably literally the best thing here; it works so well and is so easy, I'd require doing a bit more than just setting this up. - this is the VPN I use as a literal VPN (as opposed to the thing you see advertised and pay for as a service, which mostly as an anonymous proxy) - a free and open system for home automation. There is also ,
I'm also looking into and for more techy solutions.

For voice powered things, there is, as an alternative to Alexa and Siri


An absolutely EPIC and COMPLETE list

Relevant Subreddits:

Raspberry Pi

Home Automation

Python Home Assistant - a very popular/open Home Automation tool

People discovering open stores of interesting things

The modern archivists

People who go past just e.g. a Pi and put big ol' racks in their house, mostly

Book and thread on Home Automation

very random coolness that I'm just putting here that I found looking for the other stuff

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