Thanks for your patience and I hope Covid has had minimal impact on your life. Here are the finalized procedures and expectations for this course.


We are still Flex. Attend in person or remotely according to your own preferences. "Tuesdays" and "Thursdays" are no longer distinguished, most days will be a mix of me lecturing and in-class work or assistance.

Individual Assignments

There will be at least 2 individual "Linux" assignments that you will be expected to complete. If you have not finalized your Linux environment, please contact me so we can ensure you're ready to complete those.

Midterm and Final "Take Home" Assessments

There will be two "Take Home" Assessments. While they will be styled similarly to an in-class multiple choice test, they will NOT be officially proctored. You will have roughly a weekend to complete them, and while they are "open material," you are on your honor to not consult any live humans as you complete them. Note, due to the nature of the "curve" I am likely to award, it is also in your personal best interest to follow the honor policy. A lower average score across the class will cause me to bump up everyone's grade across the board. More On My Online Quizzes here.


I am relaxing the "discussion" requirement considerably, though in the end I will still be looking for effort. There will be a single discussion channel on Discord; and each week I will post a discussion question or topic to it. Please respond and engage to the best of your ability and frequency. For now, I am not going to put a hard number. While participation has been sparse so far, I expect it will naturally ramp up during the second unit of the class, owing to the less technical and more human (and controversial) nature of the material. Again, while I believe you would be missing out, you are also free to avoid using Discord entirely, and simply email some responses to the discussion topics — or to pick your own. Contact me for more details here.

Final Project

Final Project Info
You may work in groups, and there will be a Discord channel dedicated to the discussion. A Proposal is due in a few weeks (in which groups should be finalized)

Due dates are available in the Calendar.

Note: I am generally very flexible with extensions, but nearer to the end of the course is where *I* have deadlines, and therefore must be stricter.

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