Older Intro Information

Created Wednesday 13 October 202

The first front page - in Canvas - is the primary source of material for this course; everything you need for the course will be available here. Many links go through http://jrm4.com (including a mirror of this page for backup and emergency purposes); feel free to browse that as well. Links to all tools and readings will be available from the front page.

The official method for contacting me is email, at jmarks@fsu.edu . Please never use Canvas Conversations (the messaging tool in Canvas).

Because this is a Flex class, you may always attend online. For this we will use Blackboard Collaborate (not Zoom.)

Additionally, Discord is an absolutely fantastic tool for grownups doing groupwork (perhaps despite its appearance?) All students in all of my recent courses have consented to and successfully used it for required course group work, and it is my hope that this trend continues. (Important: it is NOT 100% mandatory, I will make accomodations if you feel you absolutely require them, though it is my hope that this doesn't happen) Instructions and information, and the link to join Discord are here. You may want to join soon for discussion, see below.

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