Final Project Info

Created Tuesday 22 October 2019

First read the whole thing, then you may find requirements for the PROPOSAL at the bottom.

Kill the cloud ☺

For your project, your team will work towards a well documented working implementation (or proof-of-concept) of an IT/Computer related task or service: The catch is; it must be "self-hosted."

Self-hosted is the most important part; let's talk about what that means: It means that you have full access to the code running the project on a computer you own or control. Most likely this means ROOT access on a LINUX machine. Now, as to the nature of the machine. It can be:




NOTE: It does not need to actually be PUBLICLY AVAILABLE; e.g. it might just be for trusted friends, or even solo individuals across multiple machines. But it must use the internet or an intranet or other network.

ALSO NOTE: At the end of it all, it doesn't necessarily need to work perfectly; but you do need to show and prove considerable effort in researching and attempting to get it going. Screenshots are likely your friend here.

The service:

Lots of possibilities here:

Some resources to check out:

Awesome Self-Hosted on Github

Again, the catch here is — beyond mere install, what will be your use case/purpose etc.

The Documentation:

Think the 5 "Ws"

ADDITIONALLY, you will need to provide:

Document your procedure: One important thing to think about is a statement of scope - i.e. along with what you do intend for it to do, indicate what it won't do.

Additionally, near the end, be sure to state with specificity what worked, what didn't, why things worked out the way they did and what you might do in the future.


You'll need to finalize

- who your team is (no more than 4 without my approval)
- at least a short, but SPECIFIC statement of you intend to work on. Name at least ONE specific technology, just not an idea, to get you started.
- any specific questions you have for me.

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED (though not officially required) to get my approval before continuing further.


One document (likely a PDF or other "multimedia" document) providing complete explanation and documentation of what you did.

Ultimately, a moderately skilled user (think, e.g. a fellow IT student not in this class) should be able to read along, understand, and perhaps follow and/or replicate (or improve on) your team's effort.