Using Linux and the Command Line

Note, if you already use Linux, i.e. you have a physical or virtual Linux computer on which you have root and can run sudo commands (and are willing to use for this class, nothing destructive) then you're already good to go. Another option: you may simply BUY a raspberry pi or similar. But feel free to do one of the following anyway.

FIRST, attempt to install a FULL system — Real as outlined below

You are not as likely to do the FULL REAL INSTALL, but I'm here for you if you do.
Tech Guides:Linux:Full Real Install Instructions

Most likely you'll do this one:
Tech Guides:Linux:Virtual Install Complete Instructions

A video guide. First

Do this: Home:Installing Linux (Mint) onto VirtualBox Video Demonstrations

If, later, you can't get the above going: you may use the following:
Command Line Fallback Options

Troubleshooting Virtualbox

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